business model innovation

fluidminds is a specialized consultancy for strategic and disruptive innovations.

The current competitive environment is characterized by strategic convergence. This means that the strategies adopted by different competitors increasingly resemble each other and do not permit to achieve a sustainable and differentiated position in the market.

By strategic innovation we understand the conscious modification of the Business Model, in order for our customers to achieve clear differentiation from their competitors. Disruptive means not only the optimization of the existing, but also the creation of entirely new markets.

Differences in the Business Model

The choice of the correct, customer-oriented Business Model is the key question in the Strategic process. With the choice of the Business Model, companies answer the following questions:

  • Which value do I create for customers?
  • How do I create this value?
  • How do I generate revenue?

These are all very simple questions, but difficult to answer.

fluidminds as business innovator

fluidminds developed a methodology which enables companies to “sharpen” their Business Model, respectively to re-define it. fluidminds does not invent new products or optimize processes but helps customers to invent entirely new businesses.

The foundation of Business Model Innovation in English

"It's almost 20 years ago, when our founder, Dr. Patrick Stähler, wrote his Ph.D. on Business Models in the Digital Economy. To celebrate this, we have decided to translate the work into English, so more people can enjoy the texts."