Customers are the innovators. We help you succeed at doing that

Our customers are the innovators. They know their industry; they know the unwritten rules of the business; they bring a business model innovation into reality; they are the entrepreneurs.

What does fluidminds do?

fluidminds helps its customers

  • to think, by challenging the existing business rules,
  • to raise the inconvenient "why" question
  • to structure the thinking and strategy process
  • to plan the next steps and
  • to support the execution.

For our work we use the proven methodology of business model innovation that was developed at the University of St. Gallen.

fluidminds wants to create new businesses and to shape industries with business model innovation. For us, the implementation of business model innovation and the success of our customers is what counts, not billable hours.

Who do we look for?

We look for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinking managers. Since we want to make a difference we love to work together with customers who are business owners or top line managers that can directly change their business or have a strong voice in the executive board to get things done.

Rethinking business - fluidminds approach to business model innovation

To innovate your business, you have to understand your current business (model). That sound simple, but often you have hidden assumptions about your current business. And since they are tacit you cannot change them. Therefore we at fluidminds use the business model canvas to describe the current business and to find innovation for your future business.

Business Model Canvas


fluidminds has developed its own consulting approach, based on research done at the University of St. Gallen and the design thinking approach. We combine analytics and creativity in our rethinking business approach.

Particularly for established firms, it is important to unlearn. Unfortunately, we can not push the delete button for all the things that made us successful in the past but hinder us in the future. The only way to do so is to try to make the tacit assumption of our business deliberate. That is a very important step that is often forgotten in firms.

Rethinking business - the fluidminds approach to business model innovation

The foundation of Business Model Innovation in English

"It's almost 20 years ago, when our founder, Dr. Patrick Stähler, wrote his Ph.D. on Business Models in the Digital Economy. To celebrate this, we have decided to translate the work into English, so more people can enjoy the texts."