Experteer Switzerland

Experteer is an internet start-up from Germany in the field of executive search. 

fluidminds helped Experteer Germany to develop its business model and runs the Swiss operation of Experteer Schweiz

Public company in turmoil

The company has a successful past in delivering highly sensitive goods to governments. It was purveyor to the court to its owner and other governments. The strong relationships to its customers are dissolving due to their changing purchasing behavior Customers want to buy results and not just personnel with specialized expertise like they did it in the past.

The question was how this company could adapt its Business Model to the changing market conditions. Fluidminds helped in this transformation process.

Telephone directory service, Europe

The company is the leader in white and yellow pages publishing in its home market. And the company has started successfully an online local search directory which is in the top10 in Internet traffic in its country.

The question was how the company should react to Google's threat to move even more into local search. Besides strategic issues a more agile organization and a better, slim-lined product portfolio was needed. fluidminds developed customer insights with the company by in-depth interviews of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The goal of the interviews was to understand better how SMEs generate leads, the basic job yellow pages are solving for their current customer as well.  From these customer insights fluidminds derived new business models for local search.

Telephone directory services, Germany

The company is market leader in telephone directory services. Due to customers switching to the internet the company saw its volume decreasing. In the future, the mobile Internet will gain further acceptance so that even requests via cellular phone will decrease.

The question is what new kinds of Business Models in local search exist on top of just transferring the traditional model on-line, which they have already done.

Private Banking, Geneva

The customer faced the challenge how it competes with the other private banks in Switzerland and globally. They wanted to learn why their customers were so loyal to this bank and how their strong value proposition could be transfered to new customers.

fluidminds conducted interviews with the most successful bankers and their clients and condensed the key learnings into a value proposition that today is the core of the client's strategy and customer experience.

This was a typical project for fluidminds. We helped a client that was already top notch to become even better. We did this by working together on a value proposition that was not marketing speak but fully supported by the operating model of the bank and the revenue model. We just love firms that walk the talk.

Private Banking, Liechtenstein

The customer faced the question if their daily advisory process would be able to cope with new challenges arising from the financial crisis. The bank wanted to know how their current process, which is based primarily on relationship management, could be developed into financial advisory and how to address more financially savvy customers. To gain customer insights, existing and potential customers were interviewed about their core beliefs in banking and their need in the advisory process.

Visualisation of Geo information: Where is the revenue model?

In cooperation the real estate industry, a department of the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology is developing a new form of visualisation of Geo information regarding buildings. The question is what revenue model do they need to choose to become profitable.

Orphan drug Start-up, Zurich

A researcher of the University of Zurich has found an agent that has potential as a diagnostic and treatment of a rare disease. The development process for so called orphan drugs is shorter than for regular drugs given the low prevalence in the population. In January 2009 the company orphanbiotec AG was founded.

fluidminds supports founders in the start-up process and in their choice of the Business structure.

The foundation of Business Model Innovation in English

"It's almost 20 years ago, when our founder, Dr. Patrick Stähler, wrote his Ph.D. on Business Models in the Digital Economy. To celebrate this, we have decided to translate the work into English, so more people can enjoy the texts."